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Warehousing Period for Purchased Items

Free warehousing period: 3 months after the item “Arrived BuyToMe”.

Warehousing period fee: we will charge each item ID 1 CNY (Chinese Yuan) every one month, if it is over the free warehousing period.
For example
≤ 1 month,  each item ID will be charged 1 CNY;
>1 month, ≤ 2 months, each item ID will be charged 2 CNY;
>2 month, ≤ 3 months, each item ID will be charged 3 CNY;

Maximum warehousing period: 1 year. The item will be abandoned automatically after one year since its status turned to 'Arrived BuyToMe'.

P.S: We are in charge of keeping items' safety within warehousing period, except for those items whose shelf life is in certain warehousing period (such as the shelf life < 1 month for certain foods).